Chris is fighting Rafeal and I believe this could be Chris' last stand if he doesn't win. He's lost two in a row and got the sh*t beat out of him in both of those. Diaz is a stud from ATT! If Chris loses this fight who thinks he should retire??



Chris should stop fighting when he stops enjoying fighting.  He is very technical, and fun and exciting to watch.

On a separate note, why is it that every time a fighter loses two fights in a row his career is suddenly in a precipitous downslide?  Almost every  team that has ever won the superbowl has, at some point, lost two games in a row

But look at who he lost to:

Kawajiri and Shaolin. Two of the absolute best on the Planet.

Should be a great fight. I'm going with Dias in this one.

Stephan is correct. Chris is a skilled and exciting fighter who will fight anyone.

IMO he gave Shaolin a good fight and wasnt slaughterd. Chris on any given day could beat alot of A level guys cause he is still that good.

Chris should continue to fight if he desires so. Its not up to his fans or critics to decide. The day Chris decides to be a full time coach he will have some very tough guys.


Black Belt killa-  It seems you are looking for a response out of me so I will give you one.  I did lose to Kawajiri and in short fashion, HOWEVER without giving an excuse I didn't train ONE day for the fight and really didn't give a fuck what happed as I was a little bitter about being forced to fight.  Shaolin I gave it my all and don't really feel I got the shit beat out of me.  He landed a few good elbows over the duration of the fight and he was a fucking stud.  I completely enjoyed that fight and would do it again today.  I went through a lot of personal issues last year as some of you may know but for the first time in my career I don't have a school or any responsability (next to shipping hundreds of shorts each day) to stop me from training to my full potential.  I am 35 years old (sort of old I agree) but in SUPER shape and plan to have a great fun exciting fight.

PS. I signed for 4 fights jack ass so there will be no retirement after this fight no matter how it turns out

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Sorry, and


Chris will win :)

Chris, great post, but what happened to your school?

I moved ot Dallas and didn't open one so I could just train on my own and take a break and sell Nogi and relax.  I have many affiliate schools but I don't hold all the responsability..

Randy Couture was getting tapped in Japan at age 35 and went to become
one of the best fighters ever to grace our sport. Chris has lost to some of
the best in our sport but to count him out because of that is ignorant.


Thanks for the support from all you guys on this thread...

good luck WestsideStrangler, never met you or nothing but from watching you fight and reading your posts on here I am fan of yours. Good to hear that you have signed for 4 fights.

What weight will you be fighting on this next card?


Chris, I read on another post that you said you had a next generation or affiliate school in Vancouver , BC? Is this true or were you just jokin around? If so, where is it and who runs it?? or got a website I can check out??

thanks buster and keep on fightin!

TTT and support for Chriss Brennan.

FIght will be at 155

Yellow snow email me and I'll hook you up.

Well fortunatly I am doing well enough to not have to open one yet and allow me to train in different places for the next year or more.  I have always only trained with my students and al though they were good but I taught them so it's nice now to have different bodies.  I moved to Dallas that's why no more Cali school if that answeres your question.  I'll open one here later in the year or next year.

Chris, Have a Merry Christmas brother. Take Care & God Bless! Brian Warren