Chris Camozzi vs. Chad Reiner

November 14th from Denver University Chris Camozzi takes on former UFC fighter Chad "The Grinder" Reiner. Also on the card will be a former WCL fighter. should be a lot of good fights if you are from Denver be sure to check it out you can buy tickets at

That you, Jamie?


I work with jamie i take care of the stuff we post on websites

 Jamie Levine?

Def not Levine.

ttt for a pretty good small show production

Camozzi takes this one easily. Reiner is probably the worst "UFC Veteran" out there. He just charges in with his head up throwing windmills... not a great strategy when you can't take a punch.

Good luck Chad, tough fight.

Should be a great fight anyone in Denver should try to make it out the Ritchie Center is a great venue. Here is the final fight card

Chris CamozziVS. Chad Reiner

Ryan DavisVS. Santana Martinez

Nick MaciasVS.Cory Grant

Lannon QuintanaVS. Matt Vigil150lb Ammy Title

Joey BanksVS. Geoff Brokx

Brad FoxVS. Jay Jackson 170lb Title

Carlos HuortaVS. Josh Kissle 125 Ammy title

Jimmy SoilandVS. Eric Moya

Dustin MartinVS. Ian Chavez

Bobby CassadaVS. Jesus Melendez

Calvin SmedesVS. Johnny Maldonado

Jeremiah GuiterezzVS. Jarrod Lopez

Julian GonzolezVS. Brendon Downing

Great night of fights, and get Jamie a green name please. TTT for Camozzi, Davis, Macias, and Soiland


 Thanks guys, Im looking forward to this fight. Anyone thats in Denver on Nov 14th should try and make it out. KOC always puts on great shows. If anyones interested in following my training camp with blogs, videos and pictures check out Thanks to mtx as always!

I just found out I'm a "preferred client" of KOC and can get club level seats for cheap.

Who's coming with me?

I'll be there.


Great card

 This who card is stacked. We have 4 guys fighting on this card from Gumm mixed martial arts ( jimmy soiland, ryan davis, nick macias and myself. were all looking forward to it. Thanks everyone

 War Camozzi!

 TTT for Camozzi 

I look forward to seeing everyone at the event.

It's definitely going to be a great night of fights.


Gunslinger, thanks so very much for the kind words. I am indeed the guy that does the writing for a lot of Colorado MMA.

Also, if you get the PPV or DVD's of most of the Colorado shows I'm the cageside commentator or co-commentator. These fights will be on, but I'm not sure if they'll be shown real time or edited then broadcast a few days later.

Best in Health and Training,
J.R. Gordon.

Gunslinger20 - TTT for Camozzi and KOC

If you live in Colorado, drive up or drive down for this... this is going to be a great show. KOC puts on great shows and I've never left one disappointed.

Chris Camozzi is the real deal, he made a fan out of me when he fought Jesse Taylor and I look forward to him fighting for a big promotion real soon. A serious beast at 185 lbs.

You staying at 185 Chris or any plans to move up or down? I've only recently become a fan so I don't know what a weight cut is like for you.
Yes i will stay at 185. i walk around at about 210 so its a cut to make 85 but i have no problem doing it. Thank you for the support. im always willing to answer any questions. make a free profile on when you get a chance. its my fan site as well as many big name guys.