Chris Clements wins !!!!!!

Chris Clements KO's Lautaro Tuca in :04 Seconds of round 1
Tucas comes in for a Flying Knee and Chris Steps in and hits him with a right hand that gave him a good view of the Pierre Charbonneau lights

I just spoke with Wood and Mency and they are freaking out and excited!

They have to get these evets onto dvds. Seriously...

YES !!!!

Way to go Mency !!

Now I know why all your girlfriends say you are "faster than a speeding bullet"


anymore fight results?

0:04 is the TKO World Record. For other results, look on

nice thats sweet


correction, they watched the tape and changed it to 3 seconds. The fastest KO in MMA history.

Tucas came running across the and leaped at Chris. Chris landed a huge right hand and that was all she wrote. Tucas is doing fine and in good spirits.


Glad Tucas is ok.


It was scary, Tucas was out cold for a long time.

Mency hits hard. Very hard. Props to Tucas for stepping up to fight a guy like Mency on such short notice!


I can confirm that Mency does indeed hit hard. Very hard. Congratulations Chris!


Green name coming up for Lautaro.

damn, Dougie beat me too it