Chris D’Elia reacts to “you’re not that guy pal”

This is funny


Chris talking tough is…

He aint that guy, pal


Yeah prolly not that guy


I thought this guy got me too’d

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D’Elia seems to know a lot about this “uncle energy”


What does “I’ll fuck you where you breathe” mean?

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Means if he keeps talking, the penis will be going inside his mouth.

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Ok, so basically, “I’m going to mouthfuck you?”

It’s dragon uncle energy

His mouth hole. Its also called getting a Smiffy

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It means go fuck yourself. Could be about masks idk. Also fuck you where you bleed means he has a pussy. Not that hard people!

That was wonderful. I cracked up a few times.

If a beer belly joisey boy can tell you off then take the back seat.

That original video is funny as hell. Toughest trailer park manager ever.

Fuck D’elia though. What a sad pud.

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My first time seeing this. Pretty damn funny.


He legit had that guy shook. I would have been laughing my ass off at that weird old dude threatening me. I think that guy is the cart collector at my neighborhood Walmart. He’s got that build and hairstyle. “Put your cart in the corral pal. You’re not that guy!”


Eh… I loved him on ten minute podcast. He’s obviously a weirdo but very entertaining.

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This is one of the rare times I’ve laughed at Delia. Maybe he ain’t so bad