Chris dvd series when?

When is it coming out it has been more than a couple of weeks already and nothing. Once chris wins in bushido this thing is going to go like hotcakes.

ny boy

Chris's DVds should be complete within the next 2 weeks as stated on an earlier thread. We cant wait!!

paylotas or Chris- i'm planning on getting the guard passing and kimuras DVD. is there a dvd with Chris' vale tudo guard in it?

I don't have a Vale Tudo guard. I suck on my back :) Just kidding. All my techniques when I am on the ground are pretty much based on your opponent striking you.

thanks for the reply! does any of your island instructional dvds cover your guard work?

The submission vol 1 and 2 cover tons of subs from the guard but none really cover my working of the guard. I am thinking about a second series right now because I have lots of stuff to put on it.

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