Chris Franco - Studio West

I'm interested in doing some drop in at different gyms to mix up my training a little and was wondering if anyone has the class schedule for Franco's gym.

Any details on classes, times, costs, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

i called them up for when gold lion got shut down, and apparently they don't allow drop ins. and the monthly price is sky high unless you sign up and pay for 6 months up front.

best place for drop ins would probably be denis kang's new classes at universal... mon-thurs 8:30-9:45.

Too high??? My instructor Chris Franco has trained Denis Kang on many occations especially in stand up and on the ground he has no problem with him. I've witnessed this many times. I understand Kang is your hero Jimmy McJoke but don't bad mouth our school.



budday, i'm quite sure the level of instruction is great, and i know kang and franco have trained plenty together. i was simply letting him know that franco doesn't do dropins, since that's what he asked about, and if he still wanted to try the school out over the short term, as was suggested in his post, that it does in fact cost a lot to do just one month at a time. THESE ARE THE FACTS. I SAID NOTHING ABOUT QUALITY OF INSTRUCTION AND I DID NOT BADMOUTH YOUR SCHOOL.


Sounds like someone got riped-off and is a little jaded. LOL

i wouldn't say sharkee has been ripped off - i'm quite sure franco's is a great place to train pankration if you want to make the commitement. rather, i think sharkee just has a few grains of sand in his vagina. nothing a good thourough douching wouldn't fix.

Douche? have you looked at yourself in the mirror latley? I know who you are, I've seen you at a couple tournaments, you're a the troll up in the bleachers. You're nothin but a keyboard warrior with a big mouth on the internet. Talking about me having a vagina is the closest you'll ever get to one. Wait till next time Team Franco sees you, you're gonna be in a lot of trouble.

"Wait till next time Team Franco sees you, you're gonna be in a lot of trouble."

Why's that? You're going to menstruate on him?

Thanks for the link.

Anyone know what the costs are then if there is no drop in?

And can everyone chill...this is supposed to be an information thread, not a pissing contest.

LOL! this is funny shit...

Sharkee, I like to see club loyalty! it's one of the things that makes a strong team. I think that JimmyMcGimmick was only trying to help with what he felt to be true. This is an open forum! so instead of  calling Jimmy a joke and threatening the  wrath of your team. why don't you post the price for a drop in? you train at he club could answer this better than anyone.  guess what if you gave your attention to creativefighter you might have a new team mate and a stronger team to be loyal to. 

remember that Chris and Denis are friends, so should the students!  creativefighter was looking to make new friends, so put your best foot forward.

Props to Team Franco. Raheem looked good at the BCIT tourney a couple of weeks ago. Lucky for his oponents there were no punches to the face on the ground. I also heard Chris cheering on guys that weren't in his club. I found that impressive.

sharkee, BRO, what the hell is your problem? i have a big mouth on the internet??? OLOLOL. ok. please give me an example. talk about keyboard warriors. yeah look at what you just typed. i'm gonna be in trouble with franco's team eh. why is that? because i answered some guy's questions about the school, according to what i was told by studiowest themselves over the phone? dude you need to chill the fuck out.

BRO, i have recommended franco's gym to aquaintances in the past, and i know at least one of the guys ended up going there, probably still is, i can't remember his real nam offhand but he's a local pro wrestler by the name of Sweet Daddy Devistation, ask him who recommended Franco's to him, he will tell you that it was Jimmy McGimmick. i am telling you this to demonstrate that i have nothing against your school. but you, personaly, you seem like a colossal DICK.

and low otis is totally correct. your hostility is completely unwarranted.

I'm still LOL at how anyone could get all flaired up like a bag of hemorrhoids over an opinion that wasn't even remotely intended to be offensive.

I wonder how Sharkee would respond if someone did try to offend him like calling him a romo with a capital R.

LOL @ JMG's Pauley Shore impersonation!Listen,fellas,no big deal when comparison shopping,OK?Some coaches have a higher overhead than others.

I think Sharkee and JMG should grapple ???

gets popcorn