Chris Haseman/Bill Mahood FIGHT

I just finished watching the footage of the fight. Damn! ...if it's not in the top 5 heavy weight fights I have ever seen (pride, ufc, etc)I`ll eat Tank Abbotts groin guard for breaky!

Quite a few people had mentioned the fight being their all time fav, EVER ...but until sitting down and going over it again, I cannot believe it myself.

Well done Chris and Bill for an outstanding effort!
Kerry Dunne-Promoter

good stuff. When does the dvd come out?

Hopefully in 2 weeks or so.

I have seen amateur footage of this fight.... and I must say that it was unbelievably impressive.

Over the course of my life, I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say that I have seen (both on tape and live) somewhere in the vicinity of 4000 - 5000 MMA fights......

Honestly, I can say that this fight had it all..... powerful striking exchanges, takedowns, submission attempts, reversals, ground and pound..... WOW !!!

Huge props to both Chris Haseman and Bill Mahood.... both of these men laid it all on the line and we all should salute them for incredible heart and pure committment to the sport that we all love.... Well done boys!

Spartan 9 is defintiely a DVD that will be making it's way to the top of my collection.

*twiddles thumbs waiting for DVD*


Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Hope your right Kezza as i'm thinking Tanks groin guard could be more than 1 meal!

Hey Keats. For some reason since I made that comment I get very nauseous around breakfast time.

awesome fight!!

long grey curly hairs and all kez? ewwwwww

And it should scare the shit out of you as i think it would for most guys. ;)

I was fortunate to be ringside for that fight and I agree a keen fan of the Pride, UFC, Shooto, KOTC ect I would rate it as probably the best MMA fights ever!

A point that has not been brought up in the post fight analysis from those who were there or have seen the raw footage, is that at no time during the fight were there any lulls in the action or "quiet time".

There was no stalling in guard, or circling about feeling each other out with standup.....The fight was a head to head brawl with both fighters giving max effort during every minute of ring time.

I will go out on a limb an say that if you ever want to show a newbie what the essence of a proper MMA fight should be - the Haseman/Mahood fight has it all. Strikes, ground and pound, grappling, escapes, reversals, submissions, and most of all heart.

Well said Mr Sleaze.