Chris Haseman to fight Spartan 9

Chris Haseman has agreed to fight April 3rd on Spartan 9 with his opponant to be advised. Chris is very fit, hungry and healthy at the moment and is looking forward to fighting in Australia as it has been a while.

Spoke to Anthony Perosh and Matt Foki's manager and there seems to be a good chance of getting the much anticipated match included on the card. Trying to get Mal Foki a fight on the same card as well as some of your fav lighter weight fighters.

Everyone, have a great Xmas and a safe `2004`.

Kerry Dunne


Thats a coup for Spartan, getting probably Australia's most experienced MMA fighter for a feature match! Can't wait to see his opponent!!!!


kezza you are the man, you deserve more soooooo much porn now

Cobra, I will graciously accept your kind offer of free porn as I would rather it go to me than to someone who may abuse the privilege.

There's a challange G, he must be the only top heavy thats not a Machado in Oz that you haven't fought...Or did i miss that one? :)

Seriously thats great new to get another one of our top fighters fighting on our shores.

Just wondering what weight Haseman likes
to fight at. Anyone have any idea?

How bout Elvis vs Haseman II, a rematch??

cool, nice work all!

I second the call for Sinosic -vs- Haseman II

The 2 biggest names in Oz MMA and their long awaited rematch.

Possibly the only way for Kerry to top Spartan 8 ?



Tank you are sooo right! I couldn't expect any show to better than Spartan 8! Can't wait to be at Spartan 9.

Hey Kezza, hows the dvd for S8 comin along?


I hear the DVD/video will be ready next week, I hope.

Great stuff. TTT.


Is that great stuff that Haseman is fighting in Spartan or great stuff about the DVD or great stuff about Elvis-Haseman II? :)

Lima v Ballard :)

Kezza whats the damage going to be on the DVD?

*edited because i cant spell*

Spartan is just getting better and better

tremendous effort kerry.

chris is a hugely exciting fighter.

BLACKANGEL.. chris fights @ around 90kgs last time i heard.

Elvis vs. Haseman, makr it happen... im sure many people here wanna watch it!

They have NO idea do they Kezza, teaze you. Kezza's gonna put Aus MMA on the map with his next show. Wait and see.

- Juggs

What do you mean Juggs? I must have no idea.

The public want to know who the expected opponent is, I am guessing it will be an international fighter.

Does anyone want to see Chris take it to Bonnello?

Oh, yeah Good stuff Kerry. I'll catch up with you guys in the new year. Have a good Xmas.