Chris Haseman to fight Spartan 9

Haseman is already in great condition in the mid-90kg range, he has always had a good ability to drop/bulk up with regards to his weight...I pity his opponent come April.

TTT for Haseman V Bonnello

Who cares about Bonello really ??

TTT for Haseman -vs- Big Name International Fighter !!
(or Elvis, our other top Aussie fighter)


Great news that DVD will be out soon. Great News that Chris will be fighting. Alas, I am out of training at the moment so cannot say when I will be able to fight again. Sounds like it might be a big name international fighter.


i believe spartan 9 is the first saturday of april. the haseman match is HUGE! not to mention matt foki vs. anthony perosh if it happens, and my first A class fight :D hope everyone has a Merry christmas and happy new year.


Hey Elvis, would you be interested in a rematch with Chris if the opportunity presented itself ?? (not that I could make it happen or anything, but the question comes up occasionaly on here and I'm the curious type)

And yes ! Haseman, Perosh -vs- Foki what a great card already.

I just wish it was gonna be sooner...


I'm not particularly fussed. If a good offer was made, I would consider it. Chris is definitely a very skilled fighter who I respect.



Now I wish I could make it happen !! :-)

Still probably better to see you both on the same card fighting international fighters.

Anyway, go Spartan 9 !


Kerry, is Spartan going to move to a bigger venue?
With your record for producing awesome nights and the names you are now getting to fight in Spartan there will be a wider demand for tickets... and being a cheap-arsed student I'd prefer increased seating as opposed to increased pricing...

get a job you student bulger

I personaly dont see the point of Chris H fighting Elvis for a second time.

Chris has fought some of the best fighters in the world at that time and has beaten MANY big fighters.

Im not saying it would or wouldnt be a bad fight only that i think chris should fight a current A grade fighter.

Excuse my ignorance, but how did the first fight between Elvis and Chris go?

Haseman won by chin in eye socket submission!

SuperSoldier, what do you mean by A grade fighter Elvis has competed in some of the worlds best MMA promotions just like Haseman and you say that he is not an A grade fighter?? Are you an Elvis hater or what??

Elvis has fought Tito for the UFC light heavyweight weight title.

Hmmmm nah he is not an A class fighter

Maybe hes an A++ fighter. :)

I think the point would be, based on stats from sherdog, that Chris has fought a lot more at the top level then Elvis.

Now I'm not hating anyone, just using simple maths...

In my opinion, seeing either of these guys fight in Oz would make for a great show.

Bring on Spartan 9 !!


MMAFun, by no means i am an Elvis Hater and yes he has fought in the big promotions in the past and also done a terrific job promoting Aus overseas but i will answer your and KINGYS question with another point of view.
It would be nice to see Chris fight someone with
win(s) against A grade fighters.

Ok, so goin the distance with fighters like Shamrock, Kikuta and loosing close decicions, beating Jeremy Horn, August Wallen dosen't count?? Or probably they are not class A fighters.
STOP being an Elvis hater SuperSoldier....

If it wasnt for elvis! youd be no where! go elvis!

(mma wise)