Chris Hauter in Athens GA

Just wanted to let everyone know that my good friend, Chris Hauter (one of Rigans first american BBs) will be at the HardCore Gym in Athens GA Sep 30 and Oct 1. I am only opening a few spots to the public but I think it will be a great seminar and economical. If you are interested drop me a line at This is Chris's first time in the south.

Adam Singer

"This is Chris's first time in the south."

Haueter is in the house!


Actually Chris lived here(as a purplebelt) and put on a couple of seminars(as a BB later) for our group down in Pensacola (and as international as we may claim to be,we're still stuck further south than you!LOL)
   I hope to be able to make it!

   I'll drop you an email when I get off this killer nightshift!

                          Kirk Ray


Everyone knows that FL is really the north (at least Boca and FOrt Lauderdale.LOL).

Can't wait for Chris to get out here. Should be a great weekend.

Back to the top for Chris and Adam!

Awesome! Tell him I said hi - Kon

i get to see chris when i go out to LA to compete. talk about a guy with some time in the sport. i think he got his black belt in like 1995. ridiculous. cool thing about him too is that he is still so passionate about the sport and he has no ego whatsoever.



ttt for Hardcore Gym!