Chris Horodecki (sp?) has a fake tan

He is from Canada,(so he shouldnt be tan) and as far as I can tell isnt african american. I for one think he goes to a tanning salon? opinions? romoshops?

hey apple you think you might be gay for notice'ing? I do.

i heard he does spray tanning.

Well, yeah, if he is from Canada then he isnt American.

All kinds of fighters use phony tan spray: GSP, Irvin, etc. I think they look HOT! gushes

apple, which is what "the forbidden fruit".

Go figure fruity...

People say Chris looks like a kid. Does that make apple a pedophile?

Yes Judo, Im SUPER gay. All the hot girls I fuck are a front.

Honestly, I think any guy that gets a fake tan is a little too worried about how they look

apple is so much cooler than horodecki!!! and i bet his tan is the realist in all the land!!!

"Honestly, I think any guy that gets a fake tan is a little too worried about how they look"

Says the guy with plucked eyebrows in his profile pic......

I didnt say anything about myself in comparison to chris. and btw, i think he is a fucking bad ass. u have 25 posts so ur opinion mean nada . end of post

mike, you look at peoples pics? were u hopeful that i would be hot for you?

and there is a difference between keeping my naturally occurring hair cleaned up and getting a fake tan. think about it. A fake tan is something that is created , however everyone cuts there hair, trims the hair on the back of their neck, plucks eyebrows, ect...

and eric, ur from Laguna Niguel?

No, I was wondering why a guy with a green name is so concerned with a fighters cosmetic appearance and not their respective fight. If it's that important to you, I'll call Chris and ask him if his tan came from a bottle or spray and I'll let you know so you can sleep at night.

And BTW, no not every man plucks his eyebrows like one of the chicks from the hills.

I dont need to comment on his fight, anyone can see he his a great fighter that doesnt understand the word fear. However , I giggled a little bit when I noticed how tan he was. Dont over analyze my humor my friend.

His fight pic is on MMA Weekly's newspage and he looks like he may have hit a booth a few times before tonight but nothing extreme.


Eric are you friends with any peopel who live in Cincinnati.

random occurence at one of the bars i work at, a few ppl were asking if I knew you and saying they were buddies of yours?????

That fake tan goes with his fake win, or his several fake wins on his record because of his cheating and IFL favoritism.

Vengence, Not that I know of. Thats random though

this thread is too white for me......

"Yes Judo, Im SUPER gay. All the hot girls I fuck are a front."

I'm straight and I will happily fuck them for you.