Chris Leben looking to fight Bisping or Okami?

 From Leben's myspace.What’s Up Next For Chris...

Hey Everybody,

You’ve been asking, so here’s what Chris has to say about his future endevors:

"We’re talking to Joe (Silva - UFC Match Maker), and we’re starting to look for a fight. If you win 4 or 5 fights in a row, you’re pretty much guaranteed a title shot, so I figured maybe Okami or Bisping would be a fun fight for me."

Stay tuned for more from Chris about training and upcoming plans!


- Adam (site manager)


 I highly doubt they'd give him a fight with Okami right now as, I think Okami just earned himself a title shot so, I would guess the winner of Charles McCarthy and Bisping will fight Leben

i love Lebens but with the way silva killed him, I can't see Leben winning a rematch. The title shot would be worthless IMO.

Went from my least favorite fighter to one that I want to see fight again and again. I'd love to see how a fight with Bisping would go. I'm not sure Bisping has enough on his feet to ko Chris. Actually, probably only Anderson does at this point.

Leben would match up well against Bisping but Okami would be too much for him.

I think he could beat Bisping but he'd have a harder time with Okami

 How can you not be a Chris Leben fan?

The guy fights his ass off and can take a beating and keep going its crazy.


 ^^ Agreed

Chris should fight Bisbing, I think he gives Bisbing more than he can handle and pulls off a BRUTAL KO

I'd love to see the Count "Crippled."

Okami/Leben would be fine by me.

" I think Okami just earned himself a title shot"

Based on what?

leben vs cote or mc fedries :]

that will be fun...

Ehhh, Okami deserves a shot. He has one loss, to the former champ in a fight he stepped up in as a replacement. Plus he has the rematch backstory they can sell.

Leben-Bisping would be fine.

The highlight reel way Leben lost to Anderson makes a rematch unlikely, unless Leben just rolls through absolutely every top MW they have.