Chris Lytle vs. Kevin Burns at TUF 9 Finale

What say you? 



-Diego Sanchez vs. Clay Guida

-Joe Stevenson vs. Nate Diaz

-Anthony Johnson vs. TBA

-Chris Lytle vs. Kevin Burns

-Brad Blackburn vs. Edgar Garcia 


Chris Lytle I say.. by tko late 1st round


I hope the Blackburn/Garcia fight makes the main card. I've heard good things about Garcia.

The TUF 9 finale is quietly taking shape as a pretty nice card.

Awesome card. But how are there 5 main card fights, when the TUF finals still have to get in there?

I say great fight.

In fact, winner of Anthony Johnson fight and this one should face off.

Fuck it, I want to see Anthony Johnson face Chris Lytle.  :)

 Wow!  What a card.

unless lytle gets poked in the eye, he should win.

lytle vs johnson is main card material for sure.

I'm very happy every time I get to see Chris Lytle fight.

I think this will be a good fight, don't count Burns out.

 Burn's sub over Jucao still confuses me

fightdelanoit - I think this will be a good fight, don't count Burns out.

 Not counting him out at all.

Lytle is just so much damn fun to watch.

Lytle by KO Of The Night.

I think I always like watching Lytle.

Burns will finish Lytle

Lytle by being on a another level.

Really tough fight for Kevin

lytle for sure.

Lytle/Johnson would have made more sense right now imo.  Just to see where Johnson truly belongs in the division.  This match seems to be throwing Burns to the wolves.  That being said, Burns if tough as nails.  This is still a good fight.