Chris Lytle -vs- Matt Serra - ???

Who do you think will win, how will they do it and why?

I'm going with Lytle by (T)KO late into the fight as I think Matt will have a hard time taking him down, it'll probably be boring to watch as Lytle will likely use sprawl'n'brawl tactics.  I think Serra will most likely win the first round but be tired coming out for the second and spend a lot of energy chasing Lytle around.

Even though Matt seems really tough, always pushes the pace and never stops moving forwards I think Lytle will finish him, only because of how wobbled Serra was by Carter's spinning backfist.  I think a decent boxer like Lytle would land far better strikes and capatlise on a dazed fighter unlike Carter.

Lytle by KO.

Tough fight for Matt. But I can't root against him. I say Matt by submission.

Lytle by decision.

"the Matt Serra vs. Karo has a chance, the Matt Serra vs. Carter will be KO'ed"

So the Matt Serra that dominated pretty much the whole fight against Carter has no shot... but the Serra that got totally dominated by Karo has a chance...

I'm pulling for Lytle...I think he'll get the KO.

Serra by head kick.

Lytle by DEC...IMO

I like both fighters, but think Lytle will have the edge on this one.

I think Lytle will win. He is great on the ground so he can avoid going there and his striking is much better than Serra.

i got 3 of the fighters right in the finale...i was wrong about Sell.

this will look like serra thomas

Matt has become one of my favorite fighters, at least personality wise, due to the show. But Lytle has too much for him. Way too strong and fast on the feet and sharp enough on the ground to keep it moving and not get caught in bad positions. Lytle has looked pretty damn good on the ground in some of his fights. Matt still has a shot, not counting him out by any means.

Lytle by KO

I really hope Matt is in the best shape of his life for this fight because it'll be a tough fight. Hate to use a slogan but the crowd will be the big winners in this one. This fight will definitely be an exciting one. I like Lytle but i'm for Matty.