Chris Lytle vs. Thiago Alves GIF

This was a good fight. Both guys were agressive and on point. Too bad it was stopped early. Be patient.


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Hey thanks... I haven't seen this fight before.

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because someone wanted to make GIFS showing just those parts.

you should make your own.

Lytle was gettin hurt most of the fight. I'll make one for Lytle though....he fought a good fight and should have been able to keep fighting.

Cretard the Retard.. LOL

I'm going to like posting here, and teaching these ol' heads some much needed combat theories.

Lytle was definately landing SHOTS. Everytime Thiago smacked him with
Kicks, Lytle would shake it off and throw a combo in the next exchange.

Great Fuckin Fight.

That Doctor needs to get chokeslammed

Yes Lytle was landing shots. Lytle just seemed to be a little hurt after the second round. Those kicks were brutal.


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do you have the one of lytle knocking him down?

Thiago displayed some very nice leg kicks in this fights. Also it was nice to see that Lytle was very aggressive again.

Good even fight. Can't wait for the rematch..


more action in these gif's than the rest of the live ppv shown

Shit, that looks like a very good fight. Il be downloading that when I get home.

huge win for thiago! top contender

this was a good fight, while it lasted
but we were robbed of the last round

though the cut was bad, they managed to stop the bleeding for most of round 2 and the blood was not disrupting the view of his left eye

its the doctors call, but i think they could have let it go one more round

like always Rogan doesnt shut up about Alves leg kicks in this fight, screaming about perfect form and the difference of sound when him and Lytle landed them

they were pretty nasty though

LOL @ you guys thinking Lytle won round 1. He was the agressor but he was getting countered with kicks most of the time while he came in throwing combos. He did land some shots in round 1, but I wouldn't give him the round. Thiago cut Lytle, knocked him down, and was destroying him with leg kicks. Lytle didn't knock Alves down either, he caught a kick with his left hand and threw a right that barely hit Alves. Alves was clearly winning the fight. Even at the end of the second Goldie says "Lytle can make an argument that he was winning the fight." Cmon now....if you want the fight let me know i'll PM it.


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can i get the fight
i didnt get to watch

That first charge from Lytle looked like on Mortal Kombat 3 when you tap the buttons for a combo, IMO.

lytle was the one who got dropped in the 1st not alves.

I hate when people mistake grabbing a leg and throwing a punch while your opponent is off balance, which knocks them down (even if it lands on their chests, just the momentum of the punch and holding the leg causing the knockdown). And when someone connects and drops their oppoenent while they have their balance. 2 different things and the first shouldn't count and as dropping your opponent from strikes.