Chris Mannix article on

Not sure if anyone read his article or not, but this was my letter I sent back to him. He has an interesting take on the Couture/Toney fight.

Chris -
Based on your past articles, you're obviously a writer who has followed and respects boxing. Your article about the Couture/Toney fight was very obviously a subtle attempt to portray Toney as a guy who's incapable of representing boxing in the correct light, which is not true at all...unless the boxing commissions just hand out title's to anyone who asks for one. Not to mention, you highlight the fact that Toney is a "42 yeard old" but forget to remind the readers that Couture is 47 years old. It's not as if the UFC sent their youngest and brightest star into the cage against Toney. True, Toney is not what he once was, but don't give off the impression that he didn't represent boxing in the "correct" light. The comparison about Couture not lasting in a boxing ring with Toney is like comparing apples and oranges. Couture's background is wrestling, and in a boxing match you would take away his wrestling, submission, and ground fighting skills. That would be equivalant to telling Toney, or any other boxer, they can fight in an MMA fight, but they can't use their boxing skills! The message in this fight is not about a washed up fighter, its about boxer's saying MMA fighters are not skilled athletes, and how the MMA fighter wouldn't last 2 minutes with a championship level boxer. It was made painfullly obvious that in a "fight", where both combatants can use all of their skills available to them, a traditional boxer, 42 OR in their prime, wouldn't last 5 minutes with a skilled mixed martial artist. When the media hands out awards for the "best fighter" of the year and includes both boxers and mixed martial artists, they should think twice before handing a "best fighter" award to a boxer. Hopefully the boxers like Bernard Hopkins and Floyd Mayweather will stick to saying they are great boxers, not great fighters, and stay away from critizing the level of talent involved in MMA, unless they also want to come out and prove they can out "fight" a mixed martial artist like Toney thought he could do. If you're going to write an article outside of boxing, just make sure you send out an educated message before publishing it.'s the link to the article...