Chris - Pls help

Hi Chris –

I have been lurking around here for a while now – and you seem to be the most active Pro on the forums, and often go out of your way to help people out. I just wanted some advise if you have the time.

Im trying to put some weight on and am having a hard time. Im 5’9 150lbs and want to get up to about 170lbs. I have been lifting hard now for 4 months (4 times a week) and eating loads (aprox 3000 cals per day, with 300grams of carbs and 170 grams of protein per day) plus Im cycling creatine, and I just cant put any weight on. When I started I was 145lbs so in 4 months I have only put on 5lbs.

Is there any advise you can give to help me pack on a few pounds?



By the way loved the fight stories laughed for hours reading that thread

Lymie- Hey man sounds like you are strugglin man. Are you lifting heavy? If you are trying to put on some size I would say up the weights and lower the reps. Also what kind of calories are you putting in your body? You definatly need to be eating a lot but I am puzzled why you are not putting weight on. If I touch creatine I gane 10 pounds in the first week. I haven't done it in years for that reason alone. Hit me up on email and see what we can do with your diet. Thanks bro,


Thanks Chris - Mail is on its way to you.


Hi Chris

Listen bro don’t worry about answering - I worked out my problem. I was drinking too much coffee. I was drinking about 5 strong cups a day and normally not long after taking the creatine. I had no idea that caffeine was used as weight loss supplement.

In the last 16 days since I cut out the coffee I have put on 12 lbs. Only 10 more to go.

Thanks anyhow mate.