Chris "Red Line" Wing

Chris "Red Line" Wing
New Breed Fighters Super Light Heavy Weight Champion. Former Light Heavy Weight Champion. 7-2 ammy. MMA record.
go to the above link to see a training montage

i read your blog about training at matt hughes' gym back when you first posted it. good stuff. when are you turning pro?

up to my manager ( I have the Diamond gloves (nj state boxing tournament)in october. Then N.J. Golden gloves, early 2010. Then one or two ammy shows in Ohio. So we plan on going pro some time summer 2010

cool. take your time. al iaquinta, nick pace and jeff lentz amassed big amateur records and now they're killer pros.

Thanks....I'm in no hurry. I have been given great advice by Nick Lembo and have gotten great experience (tough)fights from New Breed Fighters. My dad always drums it into me "it's not about turning's about turning a quality pro". Gonna be doing my first full contact kickboxing event at the Captiale Theater in NYC on Sept. 25'th