Chris "The Grinch" Reedy!!!

Chris may be added to the card! Oct 27th UCF Arena

lol Well He is!



He's kinda fat...

Let's see if he can live up to his mouth!

And also for John Morrisson!! Also on Card!

haha for hating on reedy. He is the grinch after all, arent you supposed to hate him?

I support Chris Reedy.

Even if he is too fat for the fight shorts I sent him.

no stand up...among other things is suppose. Reedy will get starched.

Isn't his pro record 3-4?

He is 9-5!

So if Reedy pulls this off, do we all eat like kings?

Greg Soto, where you been?

^getting Shoulder surgery

quit hatin on the grinch bitches

looks like a classic match up for ATT in florida shows. THey make sure they get easy fights. luigi by domination.