Chris Webber on Rome Is Burning!!!

Did anyone happen to catch this last night??? It was pretty good for me as a Kings fan hearing Webber talking about how he's got his jumper back but now they're working on getting his hops back to what they once were.

Then it got bad. Rome asked him why he lied in court and Webber got really really nervous. It was hard for me to watch as he sat there swallowing the lump in his throat several times through the explanation.

I can't remember much as for the details, but it was rough. I can't wait until he's back though. :)

But ya know what?? As nervous as he got I still have to give him tons of credit for actually answering the tough questions and not just saying, "I don't wanna talk about that".

Not a big fan of Webber, but I really don't see the point of him going to jail for something that happened so long ago.

Floppy, did Rome really jam him up like that? I think its fair but what was Webber's answer?

"Not a big fan of Webber, but I really don't see the point of him going to jail for something that happened so long ago."

He lied to Grand Jury, if you do that you go to jail. Well at least you are supposed to. A grand jury is suppsoed to be the one place where we get all the fact right up front everyone is supposed to be honest but Bill Clinton got away with it and now webber, its just another example of laws being broken down and people with money and power being able to get away with anything. This is a horrible thing, not for the NBA but for society, he fucking straight up lied, he should be in jail right now and its not because I don't like webber its because that is the law and he should have done his time

Here is the ENTIRE interview, it's VERY good imo. I like his comments on this Lakers team. lol, he doesn't seem as impressed as he should be.

I suggest you guys read the whole thing if you've got time cause it covers more than just the lying part. But if that's all your interested in then scroll through just the "Rome" parts until he brings up the topic and read it from there.

I don't know the details of the case, I thought he was just in trouble for taking money from a booster or something.

Maybe he should go to jail, but I think he should get an opportunity to play. It's like the Kobe situation, it's Webber who's guilty here, but if you take him off the court the team paying him loses millions of dollars in value. The Kings shouldn't be punished and lose their franchaise player because Webber fucked up.

Maybe they can handle this in the offseason, or try and skewer him with a massive fine or something.

I read it, its some good stuff but still have to laugh at him saying he is from the hood, his dad I believed worked for general motors and his mom was a school teacher, they lived in a middle class neighborhood, Im sure the neighborhood I grew up in was much tougher than Webber's, and I don't say Im from the hood. Its mazing that he tries and clings to that, what a jackass


He was in trouble for taking money from the boosters but its him lying to the grand jury is why he should be in jail. If webber goes to jail the team could get some of that money back because he would be breaking his contract. If kobe goes to jail he will lose his contract for sure.

I don't like webber but do give him props to trying to protect his dad but when you do something like that you have to be willing to pay the price, which is jail. He should be in jail for a minumum of 6 months, no if ands or buts, why he is still walking around is sad, from a law point of view

lol, I found the hood comment funny as hell too.

I only halfway have followed the case, but it's like SJ pointed out, he was getting hammered for lieing. There were a few more NBA players who had also taken money, but they all just told the truth and that was pretty much that.

Props to C Webb for protecting his family!!! :)

Floppy, Any idea when Webber will be back...He would be a great addition to my Fantasy team

I'm not sure.

I thought you were a Kings Fan....You should know this stuff


*scoffs at Robin even though I'd love to agree* :)

Oh, and SJ, those "pause"'s that you saw while reading the interview were CLEAR and very audible gulps when I saw it on tv. It was bad, I didn't know if he was gonna make it through the interview.