Chris Weber, HOF, thoughts?

I thought he was a better college player but he had a good career.

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Another grill thread?

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The nice thing about the basketball HOF is it is for a person’s whole career. It isn’t just the NBA’s HOF like the NFL or MLB.

Yes he is a basketball HOFer

Maybe, just give me a timeout to think about it.


No time for you

NBA hall of fame is a joke

Weber should be in because of who else they have already included in years past

But in my opinion there is a level between C Web and what a HOF should be guys like

Reggie Miller
Paul George,
kevin Love
blake griffin

Although they are Very good they arent HOF in my opnion

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I just hope that they induct my boy Robert Horry. The man was a winner and his impact didn’t show up on stat sheets. He has 7 more titles than CWeb


One word: no

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Saw him play high school basketball. I think it was the championship game, in MI. He was pretty dominant iirc.

Weber had a very good career but when I saw him play in college I thought he would be better. I expected a better Karl Malone

Karl malone is the 2nd - 3rd best PF of all time?

hard to be better than that.

Like saying you thought someone would be better than Lebron or KD

It;s tough to be better than an all time great

Wasn’t he banging a prime Tyra Banks and cheated on her?

For making her cry on national TV, he should get the nod

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Only 2 years over 1800 points Hell no


I agree, my expectations were that high. He showed glimpses of that his rookie year but he ended up just being very good, not elite. If he had half of the molesters work ethic he would have surpassed him

Robert Horry will get in one day

Lakers fan here, and love that MF but there’s no way he should make it. There’s a reason for his nickname, but his overall contribution can’t be judged by that.

Ive always been a CWebb fan but ive never considered him a HoF level player. He was good but i dont think there was ever a point in his career where he was a top 5 PF. He played during Malone, Barkley, KG, Tim Duncan, Dirk, Rodman and Kemp. He wasnt better than any of them.