Chris Weber, HOF, thoughts?

He can go in the choke Hall of Fame.

Hell no…did you ever tell yourself watching him “this is a HOFer” ?

Was he ever a top 5 player any season during his career?

Would you consider Rodman to have had a better career than CWeb?

He averaged 20/10/4/1 over a career of about 15 years …including a couple of mid season trades which generally mess with peoples stats for those seasons.

100% he had a hall of fame level career.

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Well yeah he played in the greatest era for power forwards. He wasn’t better than any of those guys but he managed to hold his own well enough against all the best power forwards in history.

yes and not even close

Shawn Marion A HOF? Otis Thorpe?

i’m looking at some comparables now

CB4 is a lock and Webber had better career numbers than bosh

Bosh has a couple rings and was an all star starter … but they are either both in or neither

Big Shot Bob is the definition of Clutch