Chris Weidman Training with Uriah Hall

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It's interesting that two fighters decide to train with each other? No.

Interestesting that next big thing trains with guy that thinks he's the next big thing? No. 

All seems logical.

You had enough interest to click on the thread, read the story and than reply to me. So yea it is interesting

If that's the barometer for gauging interest, Sure. You got me. lol 



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TheBlackFist - Chris knocked this guy out in only his 3rd MMA fight, why would he waste his time training with him now

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That picture is fucking retarded.

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ShoreBreaker420 - Chris should not do this, I can see Hall purposely injuring Chris and making it seem like a accident Phone Post 3.0

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ShoreBreaker420 - The black fist, fisted... I like it Phone Post 3.0

His answer will be:

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Weidman is also training with Michael Page, Wonderboy, and Chidi Njokuani from what I've heard. Solid group of strikers to train with and get different looks.


his gas tank will likely determine whether or not he can win... if he has the gas tank to grapple with anderson for 5 rounds then he can win... if he (like sonnen and henderson) gasses out by the 5th after trying to grapple with him he'll lose.

Hendo didnt gas out vs Silva, he got knocked on his ass and silva took his back!

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