Chris won again?

Anyone have blow-by-blow account?

Another belt

That was his second fight against Boyd Ballard.

He KOd him in the first.

That was the same night as the UFC.

Haven't heard the play by play.


i saw the fight on video on tuesday. not much to it, except boyd did buckle lebens knees (slightly) with a straight left early on. that just woke him up though. i don't think he got any foot stomps in though....then he hit him with a nasty 1-2 that melted ballard with a straight left or maybe a left cross. pretty fun to watch, but i still want to see leben KO'ing swick in WEC.....i know that had swick won he would have been invited to the UFC.

Thanks for the pbp nogisoldier. Seems like Chris has been cracking people with that left hand recently.
But what's up with "Red Terror" ?!?!?! LOL. Congrats to the Foot Stomper.

Who/what is "Red Terror"?

Next SportFight
Joey "THe Coyote" Guel vs. Chris "Red Terror" Leben

not sure what's up with the "red terror." matt may
have given him that's a bummer he isn't
fighting this weekend but a little rest will probly do
him good. i hear there is bad blood b/t Guel and
Chris's opponent Justin "the hawk" Hawes from Desert
Dogs. Good times!