chris:would like to cut 15lbs perm

Hi chris,

I know you get bombarded with weight cutting questions.
So here is another one :).

I would like to cut about 15lbs permanently, with one to two months.

In the past, I used to cut my caloric intake a lot (skip lunch, light dinner) and burn about 1000 calories on the stair master. Anyway, I like to walk around at 169-170lbs. I currently walk around at 185lbs and I am 5'11". I know the 15lbs on me is not muscle but fat.

For exercise now, all i do is BJJ about 3-4times a week. I have a busy work/life schedule.
I have a good jump rope, should I just do a couple of rounds of jump rope before I go to sleep. I also think I have alot of caffeine in my diet.

I appreciate your time. any advice is greatly appreciated.

ttt, i also need to trim about 15 to 20 lbs of fat! i moved and haven't trained in about six months or so. I am in the process of opening an mma school plus working so it's hard to find tons of energy to do this. what do you say chris, help a fat guy get back in shape for good.