Chris your tapes to dvd

Chris I wanted to know if you knew when your tape series was going to be changed completly to dvd I am waiting so I can by it.I have your hawaii seminar tape and I think it is awesome tpae I can image how good the set is.

I second that, I want the whole thing on DVD.

Chris's 8 vol. DVD series will be complete in about 2-3 weeks. Its being done now

What does the Seminar tape cover? Where can you get that?

That is great for the dvd series. the seminar tape i got from the link onhis website I think411hawaii. Chris might have tapes I don't know. Chris tells how he got started talks about gi no gi. He shows some takedowns I think whizzer and double then he gets to some submisssions ,guard passes , reversals these are not in the order that I am putting them in and I might have left some things out everything that chris should was very good it wasn't like other seminars some of these things Ihavn't seen before and if I did chris just should a beter way to do it. That is why iw ant the series tapes becasue that has tobe even better Chris seemslike a very good techer and is willing to show everybody all the moves and not hide anything.