attacking ChrisB

This was just quoted off in the everything in the UG section.

"This just in!!!

Fight Sport and are attacking Multi loss but also Multi winner and also Pride winner Chris Brennan because he broke the rules and said he tapped someone in the gym. What a fucking asshole. Someone please ban him for here..."


Fightsport yet again scoops another leading story!

Those guys are where its at!

Fightsport = National Enquirer. Minimum truth, maximum bullshit.

I just read that, that's fucking hilarious.

Fightsport is GAY.

the sad thing is that they propably get lots of hit because of "news" like this.

I thought it meant Chris Brennan was attacking me....I thought I was going to have to open up a can of submission whoop ass...ok maybe not but that isnt the point. The point is no one important talks crap about me...guess I am just too damn

lol @ fightsport


fuck everyone else, you are a champion.

Is this because he said he tapped Javi in practice? Big f'ing deal. He said it was just practice but it would give him confidence if they were to ever have a match.