Christian Business Symbols

What is the HG opinion of placing a Christian symbol like a fish on your business ad in the hopes of attracting Christian customers?

Personally I am totally against it and anybody who thinks a symbol is going to make me trust them more is sadly mistaken. When I see someone milking Jesus for business I pretty much won't go to them. In fact nothing about a person saying they are a Christian makes me want to trust them more. I have seen plenty of people milk their fellow church members for business favors which they would never ask of a stranger.

My wife's employer puts the Jesus fish on their checks and it just makes me ill because lets just say they are the antithesis of what a Christian employer should be like.  They lie so much they could probably put Satan to shame.  

 So do you pick businesses if they put a symbol in their ads?

Joe Ray,

Well a Christian business should be run according to the Golden Rule.  If you are an employer and feel that if you were an employee you would deserve better pay then that is what you should pay your employees.  Also avoiding unChristian things like gossip and backstabbing in the workplace would be very important for a Christian business owner/manager. 

My theory is that a Christian with that kind of humility would never try to use the Christian moniker in the first place.