Christian MA Organizations

Is anyone here a member of a Christian MA Organization? I have been looking into them. I am thinking about joining the Fellowship of Christian Martial Artists.

Does anyone have any info about good or bad experiences with these groups? I'd like to be involved with a sincere organization.

Actually thought about maybe starting one on my own......


What would be the purpose of such an organization? I don't quite understand the point. If you are interested in scuba diving you would just join a scuba club, not a Christian scuba club.

Personally when it comes to Jesus and mma I wish some people would hide their lights under a bushel a little more because they are an embarassment to the sport and the religion.  I look at a man like Couture and see his behavior as a far stronger witness than any amount of Christian propaganda would ever achieve.

Good point. But Couture does night "hide his light".

This is the same thing as having the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. People meet with others of similar interest and have fellowship in the Lord. It's all good.

Just like this forum, the key thing that binds everyone together is the love for the sport of MMA. It a chance to meet people of the same interests.


heck i just like arguing onthe internet.

of course that is the tie that binds this forum not this MMA stuff you are talking about?

B-) just kidding

i don't remember there name but when i was a youngin i remember a christian martial arts group that did a whole show and traveled around doing evangelical work and martial arts

I do not like the idea of having a Christian everything. We have Christian bands, and tshirts, and reading groups and book stores. Rather than being a part of the world, though not of it, we have chosen to build Christian ghettos, that only the saved are allowed in. The stats say that within three years of conversion, most Christians have no meaningful relationships with any non Christians outside of their family. Work colleagues don't count unless you hang out with them when you aren't getting paid.

the rev

Yep, nobody likes plain salt.

rev. i agree with your premise. however if done correctly it is a good thing

like the band i played in a few years ago.

we were a band of Christians. not simply a "christian band"

meaning our music was just that our music. some of the songs were obviously christian in context and others were obviously just about life in general and had no significant christian theme to them.

if a "christia Martial arts" group was to do it that way. it would be an intresting idea.

I like having Christian bands. I like rap, rock, etc. What i dont like is all the cussing that is in them. I would rather sit down and listen to a song that is pleasing to God, then I can sing to praise him.

Shirts are a good way to witness to someone or start some kind of conversation. I have met alot of my friends because they had a Jesus shirt on I liked and would be like I like your shirt. I am kind of a shy person at first it helps break the ice alot.

Also you should know in the Bible it says be not conformed of this world. So what if there are places that sale books wether truth or fiction about religion and stuff. It beats reading Danielle Steele romance novels.

I think all of this is good because it helps keep our minds where it is needed to be and that is on God.

Its a good thing Jesus didn't just hang out in heaven with all the good stuff, but came down to the shithole earth to actually live with us, be a part of our lives and lead us to the Father. I thought we were supposed to do the same thing.

the rev

There is a difference in witnessing to someone and hanging out with people. I would honestly say it depends on the strength of your faith. For example if a you are relatively new in your faith and you go to a party with friends and there is alcohol involved and then perr pressure to drink then more than likely (not neccessarily though) you will be tempted to drink. Where as someone with strong faith will have the courage to say no no matter what is said.

I play paintball and train with alot of people who arent Christians. And it doesnt stop me from hanging out with them sometimes. But I dont have to do the same for me to be friends with them. They understand why I dont hang out with them sometimes. The music thing is just a preference. i will listen to say rap but I will try to get the clean version if I can because I dont like the cussing in it. I can tolerate it if it was every once in a blue moon. But when every other word is some cussing then I cant stand it. Same goes for a movie.

It is nice to have a place and things just for us though. Gives us refuge and helps lift our spirits. And for that I am thankful.