Christian Soldier fights Sat 3/15

I can't wait its been almost 2yrs and 60ibslighter. I fight Ronald Stallings in Mass Destruction in Boston.
He is a submission guy with a record of 4wins 1lose. Should be a great fight striker vrs grappler.

Yea, thats what he means.

Good Luck Randy, Team Venom will put on a show.

185, I think?

This match-up will be one of the best on the card...cant wait to see Randy back in the ring

Good luck "Savage"!!!

Yeah, he means 5/15. Randy has lost track of what day it is because we keep him isolated in a dark room in the basement of the gym. This will be a great show. See everybody there.

Had me fooled for a second.I thought Randy had a KOTC or WEC show lined up for march.

Randy good luck.No disrespect but I wouldn't trade places with Ronald Stallings.

Gonna be a terrifc night of fighting ... what ever month it is ... :-)


I have never been this focused or displined for a fight; I am planning on a war. I need to feel somones blood splashing evrywhere as I strike. I would settle however for the crackiling of a joint. Its been two years of hell but I'm ready and 60ibs lighter.

Randy...your fight already happened bro. It was on March 15th. ;-)
Seriously though, good luck with your upcoming fight!

Tnx evrybody Cutting weight made me evan slower than normal."I drool alot now"

Good luck, man!

Good luck Randy


Poor Savage. He has been training so hard, and focussing on this fight, that he hasn't been able to attend his remedial class on "Time Telling" or "The Months of the Year".

Randy Rowe is ready to rumble! Should be a great show and great night for Team Venom. TTT!

Im soo hungrey!


Buy a ticket and go see the show. Just seeing Randy's scary hair is worth the price of admission! TTT Savage, it has been a long time, coming.

don't care about the win ; just want to punch a face.

That would be idle. I fight becase its fun my favorit thing to do in life. I love combat