Christians, would you be Muslim?

Its funny how there are devout followers of every religion on earth (hundreds? thousands?) and if they grew up in a different part of the world or different family they would follow another religion or not at all.

Just because someone grows up as a Catholic or Muslim or Buddhist,etc should they choose their religion just based on what is most comfortable? My girlfriend, who's family is Sic, joined a Methodist Church simply because of the youth group and the friends she had going there. She felt more comfortable there but what does that have to do with religion? I feel comfortable in bowling league. Do religious people just follow what is most comfortable for them?

Thanks for any insight into this.

There were people just as devout in the religion of Ancient Greece as is any in current religion.

damn, correct


I was raised Catholic.

My grandmother was Umbandist, and practiced it.

My parents were non-practicant Catholics, and didnĀ“t allow my grandmother to influence me.

At 16 I found out "Jonathan Livingstone Seagul", by Richard Bach. That book hit me. Several lifes, always learning, always improving, and loving the enemies.

I thought I was the only one that believed in that book.

Years later I decided to know more about Spiritism, thinking it was the same thing of Umbanda.

I read "The SpiritsĀ“ Book", by Allan Kardec.

Everything was there, perfectly: several lifes, always learning, loving everyone.

I found my home.

I was Catholic and thought religious people were nuts. Now I'm a "nut".

Ofcourse we learn by our surroundings, however who can say which path we would choose in another setting. I have changed radically over the years trying to become more a follower of Jesus and less a follower of religion. SO I think change is not only possible, but probable.

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