Christie flips ball in Dirks face.

AND WE STILL WIN!!!!!!! LOL!!!!! That shit was fucking GREAT!!!! :))

Sczerbiawhateverthefuck is already out for at least the rest of this Nuggs series with a fractured vertebrae, shit will be interesting tomorrow. I had stuff posted before that but decided to delete it cause I ain't takin no chances, all I know is that Webber's hobbly ass ain't gonna cut it on the defensive end. :(

I was thinking that too, but that was around the all star break, or at least I thought it was, I haven't kept up with thsoe bitches as much as I should have. He's only averaging like 9 pts or so anyways, but still, I gotta hope something gives. lol, mabye they get routed again tomorrow, or mabye the refs will try and even them up with the Kings. ;)

Put a fork in Dallas, its over.

"Don't forget what the Mavs did to Utah 3 years ago. There backs were against the wall and they came back and won 3 straight."

Brian, I'm not the one who was making it sound like the series is already over, if anything it was you. :) And yeah, I know what they're of, but we did this to them 2 years ago as well, and we finished them when we took it back to Arco with a 3-1 lead, I think they had Nick for that series too. :) I can't wait until Thursday.

If I were Cuban I'd put a hit on 'Toine.

If I were Cuban I would use all my money to create 5 Webber clones and make them all play for the Kings.

lol, it's not over yet, but either way, they're still fitting pics. :)

LOL, every time I read it I still get a kick out of the "OK TO SHOOT HERE, MAVS WON'T TRY TO STOP YOU IN THIS AREA". :)

The Vlade pic is obviously from last year, since for some reason Adelman isn't playing him in the second half of games.

Fuck, that's what I wanna do, two more hours till I'm outta work.