Christie KILLING Finley!!!!

He's got Finley doubled up on Steals and Assists and he's got almost triple as many rebounds in this series. He's also playing defense on everybody he can. Other than that they are pretty much even on FG % and ppg. I never would have imagined that Doug Christie would have been more productive, let alone SO much more productive than Finley in a Kings vs Mavs series.

how soon will Christie be up for a new deal? He's got one good contract left in him and renewing his vows with a big ass ceremony with the wife every single year ain't cheap.

LOL!! I dunno, where can one find that sort of info??

Yet another awesome player who the Raptors couldn't keep :(

lol, no shit, looks like you guys found a pretty good shooting guard of your own. lol :)

that's the same team that pushed Phoenix to 5 games in the 1st round the year they went to the finals.

ptm - Yeah and also Cedric Ceballos was part of the squad as well.

What year? Tehy beat Seattle when they had Ceballos.

In 1993, the Sonics made it all to the West finals but lost to the Suns with Barkley who was MVP that year.

i remember when he was on the knicks!! and i kept my fingers crossed every game that they'd give him a chance.. but damn, no playing time.

Doug's wife would like you all to get off his nuts and promtly return them to her pocket.

LOL!!!!!!! What you lack in basketball knowledge you make up for ten fold in hilarity. :)

thanks, I guess