Christmas Tree Help

Does anyone know of a good Christmas tree stand for trees up to 14 ft with over 7in diameter trunk? I have a tree sitting on my family room floor that the stand wont fit on.

Just want to know if anyone has any recommendations before I have to pay $75 to have a damn tree stand overnighted to me.


2x4s, nails, saw, hammer Phone Post 3.0

Tree seems too small. Why'd go with that piddly thing?

Damn ceiling is too low. I live in a hobbit home.

unfortunately, the purchase price did not include the roots and I am a cheap bastard

start a new horizontal tree trend


decorate it

post pics to pintrest



If the tree is not standing, there is 0 possibility of it falling on my cat and ending my misery. Tree must stand!


Walmart had a bigger one last I was there, not sure exactly how big it was though, try calling them Phone Post 3.0

Walmart has the 12 footer. it only fits trees with 7in trunks. Thanks though

You got kids? Make them hold it up. Damn pansy ass kids these days.

3 dogs and a cat. Hoping the dogs knock the tree on top of the cat.