Christopher Nolan is...


That is the definitive word that comes to mind after screening INTERSTELLAR. Whether you walked away satisfied or not, you must agree you won't see many films like this one. Truly unique in its imagery and production. Nolan is a once-in a-lifetime talent, his dedication to his work being what sets him apart.

The aspirations of INTERSTELLAR are massive, and in my opinion, so high that this movie's ideology will go over the heads of many. It's definitely not a film without flaws, but Nolan's vision and scope are incredible.

On a side note: seeing this in anything other than IMAX 70MM will not do this film justice. To see the mysteries and visuals of the universe on that screen were so beautiful. Phone Post 3.0

Do you blame those flaws on him though or kip thorne? Phone Post 3.0

Its was amazing. If Hickman made movies..would be like this... Phone Post 3.0

The Hickman analogy is correct

The movie reminded me a lot of 2001 a space Odyssey right down to the ai Phone Post 3.0

I liked the visuals, and it was intelligent, but it was still a three hour yawn fest...A three hour Star Trek the motion picture..uggg.

allmmafan4life - Do you blame those flaws on him though or kip thorne? Phone Post 3.0
Honestly, probably Nolan.

I've been a fan of his ever since I saw MEMENTO. But he seems to have a habit of dragging third act scenes out, a lot.

THE DARK KNIGHT(when both the prisoners & civilians are on the ferrys and can't decide if whether to blow the other up).

INCEPTION(when Cobb and crew are in the van, waiting for the "kick" to happen)

Always thought those two flicks could be Damn near flawless if he'd trimmed 10-15mins. off the total runtime. But I'm just nit-picking here. Phone Post 3.0