Chronic tendonitis!!

I have tennis eblow for almost 3 years now. It stopped me from doing judo and I haven't been training in BJJ for 8 months now.

Is there anything out there that really works? I have tried almost everything and nothing works.. Prolotherap, R.I.C.E., Massage, ice massage, diet, hot and cold, rest, nothing seems to work.

I appreciate the help

Have you seen a doctor?  Are you sure it's tendonitis?

If it is, I'd say that you haven't rested it enough or you're pushing yourself too hard after you're done resting.  Bottom line, if you keep aggravating it, it will not heal.

I have suffered the same for years. i noticed rest was last on your list but it is the most important.
I started a MBF routine and saw that my shoulder on the same side was dropped and rolled forward thus putting more stress on my elbow joint instead of being transfered to the back....something to consider.

I did get it from work. I was told by my doctor that I have tennis elbow. I did rest for 4 month due to surgery on my hand but it came back once I started griping things again.. I can't take a break because I am a Firefighter.. Everything at work is big nad heavy