chrono trigger

My favorite game is chrono trigger. What do u all think of it???

Frog was really cool.

Secret of Mana was nothing like Chrono Trigger.

The SNES...the golden age of console rpgs. Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 3.

"Chrono Trigger was the best game ever on the SNES except for maybe FF3."

I'd put Wop, Wop Kart, Wop 2 Yoshi's Island, Contra III Alien Wars and MK2 right up there with Chrono.

LOL @ Akira "I can't draw anything but Dragonball"

chrono trigger is my favorite game for a reason. Awesome story, i like the characters alot- each was really fleshed out, and replay-ability not seen on any game up to that point.

And yah, secret of mana wasnt really much like CT. what IS like SOM is secret of evermore..which i found disturbingly unique.

Chrono Trigger was good. One of the last games made by Square that doesn't bore or annoy me. Fun characters, cool time-travel story, and good use of humor. Plus I like that the enemies you fight actually exist even BEFORE you run into them, or at least pop out of a hiding place or something. Most of the reasons why this game works are the exact same reasons the newer Square RPGs bore the hell out of me.

Outstanding game, and really nothing like Secret of Mana. Definitely one of the top ten best games for the SNES.


loved it

magus kicks ass