chu fen do vs Krav Maga

what is the difference between krav maga and chu fen do
?? I am looking for a system for my wife and I to learn...

thanks in advance for any replies

Couple of things:

The style is not the answer.

Each method has a message.

Chu Fen Do is not a pure self-defense method. In my opinion
anysystem that emphasizes belts and testing and other
traditional phases is not pure self-defense (this isnt a
criticism or necessarily something bad). i.e. learning to shoot
skeet or IPSC handgun is not learning firearms self-defense.

We teach PDR, or Personal Defense Readiness. That is a
program purely dedicated to preapring people to defend

The next decision/action is on the part of the student/s (you &
your wife), Ive always said that 'personalities' should
gravitate to the style of their other words we come
back to my first statement, 'each method has a
message'...does the message resonate with who you are?

In case you havent realized, I will not compare & contrast
styles in my forum...every (businessperson) instructor will
want you to join their school or their system. Ive always just
encouraged people to really do their research...its your life

There's a lot of insight and explanation on the PDR process
on my site I'd encourage you to read
that with your wife, I'd also encourage you to get our Rape-
Safe video and invest the money and 'see' what we do,
depending on your budget, I'd encourage you to do the same
about Krav Maga and then the two of you decide.

Best of luck.


Cisco Joe,

When I first had the realization that I had been training in styles that did not convince me that I truly had a complete arsenal in my toolbox, I went searching.

I had inquired to others in the public about "what systems would complete me as a martial artist"....I knew something was missing, but what was it?

I fell into the trap of public opinion without investigating on my own and discovering what my needs really were. I began to do internet searches and buy up every martial art magazine I could find.
One the cover of KKI, I saw a guy named Tony Blauer and read the article inside about his research.
After that I went to a seminar where he was instructing a five hour class on "Cerebral Self Defense". After that seminar the light bulbs were going off and I knew that I had finally found what eluded me for years.

My point is this. Discovery is about analyzing and dissecting what is important to you without being mislead by bright lights and fancy slogans.

Take a really hard look at both Krav Maga and Blauer Tactical's PDR Program. Ulimately, you will find what fits, but be patient with the process.

Take some money from the pizza and beer fund and purchase some videos on both. :-)

Robb Finlayson, PDR Team

Thank you Tony and Robb for your responses.
I have now visited the Blauer website and I must
say that I am very impressed.

Robb, do you have any recommendations on an entry level video to watch?

Thanks again,


hey tony, were you always this smooth or is it something you've learned over time and mistakes?

Wish I could say 'always', but I think that time & errors have
helped shape me somewhat...




I would recommend going to the website and look under the products section and look at some of the packages in there. They are of great value ($$) and you get introduced to a lot more, than one video will offer. Also, there is a thread in this forum called "X-MAS Specials" where you will also find great savings.
If you still cannot find what you are looking for I can help you find a single tape that would suit your needs.

You have to ask yourself, what you are looking for in a video . IE: 1)S.P.E.A.R System

2) Close Quarter Combatives

3) Ground fighting

You get the point...once I know a bit more about your particular interests, I can get you where you want to be.

Look forward to your response!!

Robb Finlayson, PDR Team


although i am a critic when it comes to martial arts and have some issues with your friend sonnon. I think that your point on response in real life situations is right on target. I do have some of you tapes and i have too many street and pro fights to mention. But i ahve greatly improved while using your Ideas. Reality fighting and street and sport are all different and you must train accordingly. I have still yet to look at some of you other tapes but i feel i will get the same from them. Thanks for you tapes and know i have trained many years with top guys and still got something from you. I know that there are people saying that you didnt come up with all that, well i dont care, you relay the info in a way i understand. thanks.

Thanks. Appreciate the feedback. I just tell the truth and try to
do it in a way that illuminates the 'un-common sense' of it all.



Tony just a few questions. I do like what you put out, iam curious thought, i have made your info work for me in many real fights. Have you? And if so, can you tell us about them? This is not a front for you at all. I do know that some people can just get and understand the mind of the fight and might be able to give the info to others that do put it to work. Just curious.

I'm flattered you have used my tapes with success,
that is the point of the 'instructional' video.

Have I been in confrontations? Yes. Do I discuss
them? Depends on the forum (context). I have a
quasi informal & personal policy of not talking
about them out of context - like a public forum
where aliases and questions by anonymous
persons dont permit direct interaction. However,
incidents are referenced in our tapes and certainly
during training courses.


Point taken tony, Thanks for your responses.It also seems that you have quite of experience on the groung. How much bjj or any other ground fighting systems have you studied? What about jkd, have you studied that as well? Iam sure most people online might know, but iam fairly new to your teachings and would like the education.

I wrestled a lot as a kid so I gained intuitive tactile skills to my
analysis of groundfighting from there, my JKD exposure was
like most martial artists of my generation, through Bruce Lee
writings, movies...if youre question is with respect to
similarity, most similarities in our systems are
misinterpretations of and what we train are
very different, our objectives (efficiency, effectiveness and
winning the confrontation are the same - as they should be).

Most of that info is pretty well documented on my site and in
the RESEARCH ARCHIVES section on the site as well,
where time and space has permitted more detailed answers.