Chubby Santa Clause MD Health Guru

Good Talk, a lot going on here:

first 5 minutes he mentions how fewer than 40% of Congress even had passports and how George W. had never been out of USA before becoming President

talking about the interesting time of Harvard/Berkeley in the 60s

good reasonable discussion on psychedelics and their use/abuse

there’s a lot of sensational claims when it comes to diet/health…carnivore diet, vegetarian/vegan diet…cold water/breathing will heal everything…and so on…

the human body can be both resilient and/or complicatedly fragile and susceptible to quirks and flaws

to me, a lot of it just seems to be good-luck/bad-luck in how the system operates/functions.

Lol, so sad. I’ll bump your thread for you lil fella.

^unlike others I don’t use MULTIPLE accounts to PUMP my own threads.

unfortunately it is often the case where I post some interesting content like this and it gets little attention yet I post some political thing and it generates a lot more interest

“MAIL-IN VOTING: YAY or NAY” and “Trump Back to POTUS in AUGUST” as example generated a lot of discussion, meanwhile this thread and “YOGA: ANCIENT or MODERN” generates less interest.

I think people here really LOVE to argue the politics even though they complain otherwise. It’s the POLITICAL threads which generate the most discussion

You’re gay

^I’m so secure in my MASCULINE constitution that I could live with a GAY JapChap without FEAR that his GAY was in any way contagious to my arrangement!

i think I STRUCK a nerve. you seem a LITTLE emotional.

as a man of INTELLIGENCE I can humbly recognize that ALL humans are creatures of passion and emotion!