chuck and antonio should do a show

i am watching the 2nd tapout show.

antonio (chucks lil bitch)is on (makin chucks eggs, cleanin the kitchen)

"i like it here, no rent, i have a cool room"!

chuck seems pretty funny btw

he parties hearty!

tapout guys are fuckin a riottt!!!!

holy fuck@!!!!?

antonio just got ktfo!!!!!!

now he crying? chucks consoling him.

you think chuck has sex with his bitch?

next time Antonio fights he should have chuck carry him out in a back pack like the guy in ace ventura 2.

lofnl man



They both looked great in that fight. Antonio's wrestling (as always) and striking looked good and Charlie looks like he hits hard! IMO they are both some of the best 135's out there.


on at midnight 2nite

noone wattches huh

no hate bro

just makin a thread

chill kkm chill

on this w/e

what hate? I love Antonio.