Chuck Liddel: Best fighter in the

"For the past six years, Liddell has been known as a badass, the best fighter in the world bar none. He's the UFC's current light heavyweight champion. In his 10-year career, he has lost only three fights and has gone on to avenge two of them. The third, his 2003 loss to Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, is set for a rematch on May 26."


This article just goes to show how ignorant americans are towards the sport of fighting. Im not saying Chuck isnt a good fighter, hes a great fighter in fact. But to call him the best fighter in the world bar none is kinda like saying Fedor doesnt exist or Wanderlei Silva doesnt exist or even Kazushi Sakuraba doesnt exist. On the same topic of ignorance of fighting in America, I was recently at a party with my friend who is a professional MMA fighter and one of the kids came up and said, OH HEY MAN YOU GOTTA MEET OUR FRIEND HE FIGHTS LIKE YOU!!! Soon enough we found out this mysterious fighter had "trained" for "about a year" and hadn't even had an amatuer fight. He didnt even know who Wanderlei Silva was or Fedor or Sakuraba (as mentioned above). Thats like me telling Michael Phelps that Im a swimmer too because Ive been in a pool before. Holy shit.

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Thats because Chuck is the UFC icon. Everyone knows him. All of America hasn't been introduced to a saku or a wandy or a fedor. Chuck is probably the most well known fighter in the world.

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LMAO @ Liddell being the best fighter in the world, "bar none". Did Dan Patrick write that shyt? Classic. Can't wait to see the looks on their faces when Liddell gets his shyt pushed in by Rampage again.

It's an ESPN article, why take it so seriously? Most people think UFC = only MMA in the world.

The "bar none" part is what kills all credibility.

"Bar None" is the killer. You could argue P4P, but now way he beats Fedor.

"... yeah but thats just how most Americans are, the entire world is the USA and the rest they ignore or bomb. "

So true, many Americans are stupid enough to believe that paid for puff piece about Liddell.


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This thread smells like newbie all the way. LOL at all that crap about "my friend the pro fighter".

Chuck is far from the best fighter in the world and I'm honestly blown away by the fact that he hasn't been knocked off yet. Because essentially most of what Chuck does in the UFC is boxing and his boxing is shit.

That reminds me... I had this crazy dream last night. You know how Chuck's been calling Tommy Morrison out and all and said that he wanted to basically stand and box with him because he liked his chances. Well I had a dream that it happened in the UFC with the 4 oz gloves. The stipulation being that they had to stand and fight. No takedowns or anything. So Chuck & Tommy dance for about 15 seconds and Chuck rocks Tommy. So Tommy comes back a few seconds later and drills Chuck with has patented left hook. Chuck drops flat on his back, eyes rolling in the back of his head but he's trying to pull his head up. And Tommy comes up and football punts Chuck's head which was breaking the rules of the bout and it started a riot. I felt bad because Chuck was all respectful and Tommy was in his Tommy Gunn mode after he won the title from Union Kane. That's about when I woke up.


Crazy stuff.

"If they did an article on Chuck and said "Chuck is one of the best, but he isn't quite as good as a few guys you've never heard of like Fedor and Wanderlei and maybe Shogun" it would be bad journalism"

no, saying he is "one of the top fighters in the world" would have been good journalism. Saying he is the best "bar none" is just sloppy journalism.

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honestly chuck would smash saku, and wanderlei.  he's probably smash jackson as well.

mostly the pride heavyweights are chuck's real challenges out there.

Fedor, CroCop, Barnett, Nog, Hunt, and Arona would be the most likely to beat Chuck.

All of you are missing the point!!! Weather Chuck is or Chuck isnt the best in the world is a moot point. The fact that ESPN has MMa on the cover and in the mag one week after the biggest boxing match hype bullsh*t is the big deal here. So ESPN has some growing up to do when it comes to knowledge in MMA. At least now they are seeing it for what it is. The greatest sport with the greatest athletes.

Chuck is definitely up there.

Best MMA fighter is Fedor.

Best fighter in the world, that is arguable.

Well, I like to see Fedor fight Barnett, Gonzaga, Couture and Arlovski.

I like to see Chuck fight Shogun, Sok, Arona and Rogerio.

Yeah I know what you mean. I had this friend one time that wouldn't shut up about the corvette being the coolest car in the world. I told him he was out of his mind because the viper was.

Needless to say this almost ended in bloodshed until I got to thinking, wait WTF does it matter. Everyone is entitled to an opinion even if it is uninformed and not online with what I think.

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If he actually manages to avenge his loss to Rampage, you could certainly make a case for him being the SECOND-best fighter in the world...

"...He didnt even know who Wanderlei Silva was or Fedor or Sakuraba..."

Corey (Hill) didn't know any of the fighters (or Dana White) either. :)