chuck liddell multiple ko story

He was just on the radio in Dallas, and they asked him what his favorite
fight was outside of the cage, and he said this incident with tito and lee
murray. He said it was his favorite b/c he got to knock alot of people out
that night. Anyone know specific details on this?

I believe he KO'd 4 guys according to Pat Miletich.

Whose Side was Chuck on at that Time? Tito's or the Brits?

Kempo rules the streets, even the filthy streets of london.

"Whose Side was Chuck on at that Time? Tito's or the Brits?"
He was on Tito's side

I know this whole thing is ancient history, but wasn't there someone claiming to have a video of that whole thing? Whatever happened with that?

ANyone got more info on this?

I remember it as Altofsky says. I also recall a supposed Video, but it was never leaked or it never existed.

That would be some sweet Shit.

I thought the rumor was that the guy who made "Rites of Passage" was there and caught it on video. I remember he used to post here, but I never saw him say if he did or did not have a video.

I remember Ryan Bennett (RIP) telling his version on the radio after the fact and If I recall correctly, he said Chuck one-punch KO'd a few guys during the brawl

Interesting that Razak was supposedly the guy who caught it on video - can anyone verify that he was even there?

"I was too busy smacking Brits around to notice, but I heard Chuck KO'd a few of the little guys."

Come again?!?

He said he was too busy smacking Brits around to notice, but that he heard that Chuck KO'd a few of the little guys.

I know what he said. I wanna know if he's BSing, trolling, kidding, or was really there. In which Case, who is he?

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Anyhow, apparently it's Comedian Day. Fuckers.

I heard he just looked to the left and then BAM right ridgehand to the throat...

I believe Matt Hughes was the guy to jump in save Tito after it hit the ground.

so who's gonna get ko'd on the nasty streets of manchester aka gunchester aka madchester ???

okay, london cops dont carry guns right? are they trained to use them? do they still carry them in their cars? How often do they carry them?

^^^ im not to sure about london cops my friend as im not from down saaaaaaaaaaaaaaffffffffffffffffff