Chuck Liddell Punch Drunk?

Okay, yesterday while I watching UFC: All Access I couldn't help but notice that Liddell's speech was somewhat 'not normal'. Now, before I assumed he's just another 'punch-drunk' fighter, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and said that perhaps he was just nervous to 1) be on TV (even though he's a famous fighter?) and 2) in front of a hot chick (even though he's been banging Willa Ford?).

Anyway, did anyone else feel that he didn't come off as articulate as say Tito Ortiz or Randy Couture?

chuck has never been articulate.

lol fair enough

has something to do w/ his hawaiian kempo tat. trust me.

prolly the weed

he sounded a little stuffed up so maybe he was on some cold medicine.  I too though that he sounded like he was mumbling a bit.

My girlfriend had said the same thing, that he sounded punch drunk. I said t hat as far as I know he has always sounded like that. He was also in the middle of a party at his place so he could have been indulging, lol. I would say its safe to say that Chuck likes to "party" with the faces he was making at , oh shit I forget the fight but you know what im talking about.

Punch drunk Chuck = ready to murder Tito.


"Chuck could phone in a KO in this fight."


"Chuck could phone in a KO in this fight"


I wonder if he got road head from Rachelle. She looks like a quality ho.

my opinion is that he's just not a big talker. I heard him on the opie and anthony show recently and after he warmed up he seemed like a relatively intelligent guy -- just not that well spoken. He seems very uncomfortable being the center of attention unless he's fighting. Anybody can sound like a dope when their nervous and uncomfortable.

Also, he's sounded stuffed up for a long time, now. He's either got chronically bad sinuses or he's had his nose smashed enough times that it's going to take a good roto-rootering out once he's done fighting.

It's just how he talks. Why on earth would he be punch drunk? How many good punches has he taken in his career? Answer: Not Many.

"yeah you knosoadfkowoekofasd - drinks hot sauce furiously"

Chuck isn't punchy. He's just a trifle, um, socially awkward.

I bet he has been sparring quite a bit for this fight so his speech might be a little affected....

Slick are you trying to infer that Chuck is Asian cos that isn't a fair inference at all man.

Blownose, IMO

Chuck cant really hold a conversation

At first I thought so too but he's got a degree in accounting so he can't be stupid. I think he just stumbles over his words a lot of the time. Not everyone among us has those Bill Clinton, bullshit-artiste' genes.