Chuck Liddell Seminar Details

Chuck Liddell will be having a seminar in Windsor, Ontario at the end of June. Tentative dates are the 25th and the 26th. The number one contender will run through his superior striking techniques as well as his ground game. An open mat session with Chuck will enable you to interact with him one on one. If that's not enough, there will be an after party that night at a nightclub downtown where you can party with the legend himself. Tickets are set at 80 dollars Canadian. There are only 150 tickets. This event is open to everyone and anyone who would like to come. This marks Chucks' first appearance in Canada. Please reply to this post if you're interested

The North American Producer of Pride Fighting Championships is a personal acquaitance of mine. He's bringing Chuck in. I'm just setting it up because I'm in Windsor and I know the Canadian scene better than he does. You will not pay until the actual day. All you need to do is preregister with me via email. An hour or so before the seminar we will have actual registration where only those who have contacted me before will be allowed to purchase tickets. Feel free to contact me via my email address or on this forum. I would be happy to provide any more information. The event will be held at the U of W. The after party will most likely be at Wired Night Club.


Greg Compton


I'm VERY interested!

Patrick Goulah


who are you?

I got into the scene three years ago. I started training in Kickboxing and now I'm in Windsor working on my boxing skills. This opportunity just fell into my lap. If you need anymore info just email me.

Battalion- Would you kindly post your e-mail address...I have several people who would like to attend

Can you email me with info and cost



What gym do you train at?


Thank you for your interest. I currently train at Windsor Amateur Boxing club but I owe my start as well as most of my MMA knowledge and experience to Shawn Tompkins of Team Tompkins. I trained there three years ago for a year. By the looks of things and the flood of emails I got regarding this event. I will most likely move it to London for the convenince of most of the people who want to attend, as London is central to Hamilton, Kitchener, Toront and the like. It also closer to Ottawa and Montreal for those who are interested.

My email address is Feel free to email me any questions or comments.

But there are lots of ho's at Wired dont move it!


Well said ComputerWarrior. I know first hand. I'm security there and I MC the girls hotbody contest on Saturdays. Drop by anytime, just let me know before hand.

Will there be allowed cameras. Autograph session?

I'm sure there will be. I will let you know for sure once I have spoken to the Iceman himself. Wouldn't want to upset him now, might end up knocked out.... or worse. ;)