Chuck Liddell talks UFC 115 Loss, future

Hopefully we get Chuck v. Tito for his last one.

Thought it was funny the cameraman kept going down showing the girls boobs ha

Chuck should retire. If he fights Tito & loses, it may nullify his entire career.

He sounds so depressed.

man, can somebody post some pictures of this girl? moar!!!!


Pretty hot.  I still prefer Russian girls

 sub 4 lata

Chuck needs subtitles. I can't understand half the shit he says anymore.

Holy crap, she's insanely hot

Chuck has to retire. He must!

 wow he said a lot.


 ttt for Chuck or.....?

Sagiv Lapkin -  Love how the camera pans down to her perfect boobs a few times. :)

So funny. pretty damn obviously what the camerman was doing haha

Her airy voice annoyed the hell out of me. Made me want to take a deep breath and yell :/


(yeah, yeah, I know she's hot, but still)

 Steph Ly is my steez. I can't get enough of hot Asian go go dancer type girls.

Stephanie Ly and Misa Campo Gogo dancing