Chuck Liddell Vs. Tim Boetsch would be great

I think Liddell would pull off the victory, but either way I think it would be an entertaining fight. Even Liddell Vs. Vera would be great.

Should Lidell be wasting his time fighting Tim Boestch(who?)

^Yes. Liddell is 1-3 in his last four fights.

So what? At least mention Thiago Silva or Vera, Machida, Cane, Sokujdou, Henderson, Shogun etc etc.

Time Boescth = dont give a crap

I like Tim Boetsch a lot, but Chuck ain't fighting him any time soon.

sureshock is right.

At this point, chuck is good for two things.

Ratings and drawing - He can still do this. For instance, he might fight Vera on a Philliphines card because Vera doesn't have the record to headline (1-3 in last 4 fights) like Bisping can with England.

"Putting over" another fighter - Chuck's never going to wear the belt again, and he might not ever beat another top ten guy. So pretty much the next high-caliber guy he faces will own him and his superstar days may be drawing to a close. Simply pick a young guy in the top ten with an exciting style and let him feed off of Chuck's audience.

If I were Joe Silva, I would have Chuck fight Boetsch or Sokoudjou, then Vera in the Phillipines, then after those two wins he can lose violently to Thiago Silva and "put him over".

Tim Boetsch isnt any easy fight for anyone. I'd like to see him move to heavyweight and fight Fedor at UFC 100.

 seems like a good match 2 me

chuck would have to b cautious-for once- til tim gassed

by cautious i mean protect his chin

Tim Boetsch is fighting Jason Brilz at UFC 95 in London