Chuck Liddell will be in Bones next week

Should be interesting to see Chuck on Bones next week. I sure miss watching him fight. Phone Post 3.0

Will he officially be "passing the torch" to Jon Jones? Phone Post

You talking about that TV show with Angel in it? Phone Post 3.0

Ya. The show Phone Post 3.0

Nice pretty good show. Phone Post

I enjoy watching the show. So its a bonud with Chuck on next weeks episode Phone Post 3.0

He was in Kickass 2, as well. It was a quality cameo. Phone Post 3.0

He's fucking a black guy? Phone Post 3.0

I wonder how Jon feels about that. Phone Post

Greatest light heavies so battle. Phone Post 3.0

jdindiana - He's fucking a black guy? Phone Post 3.0

LOL Phone Post