Chuck Norris MMA Highlight

Blue namer:

Check out Frank Shamrock at the end.

possibly the greatest video made ....ever.
Macho Man is well known as being the only guy to ever consistently beat up Kurta Angle and Brock Lesnar back in the WWE. The way Norris handled him clearly shows Norris to be P4P the best ever. Phenomenal versatile crisp striking. Good hands, powerful kicks, strong thai clinch, olympic level judo throws and world class jiu jitsu. His chin is legendary and he has never even been knocked down.. even during Delta force missions! The perfect fighter... didn't see his sprawl but his fire mans carry toss over an elite legendary WWE wrestler such as Savage implies good wrestling.

pretty good shape for being 68

you fools! time waits for no man unless that Man is Chuck Norris.. he doesn't age he waits


Disappointed that Savage didn't launch the flying elbow drop there.


Macho Man looked fucking bigger than he ever did when he wrestled.Him and Norris are in pretty damn good shape,Macho bein in his 50's and norris in his 60's.Plus Savage looks like a bigger whiter Kimbo Slice,maybe EliteXC will offer him a fight.