Chuck Norris vs JCVD

With UFC rules 3 rounds 5 minutes who takes it and how? Phone Post

How is this even a question? Chuck norris three seconds into the first round, but only so he can toy with him for the first two Phone Post

Chuck Norris via explosive roundhouse kick. By that I mean when the kick lands it creates an explosion killing him. This happens at the first millisecond. Phone Post

On the serious note though Norris was an accomplished karate champion/verifiable bad ass when North American karate was in it's prime and was more hard core and had a lot of tough guys.

Depends. Is JCVD also allowed to wear Norris's action jeans? Phone Post

On a side note, that JCVD commercial for GoDaddy is incredible.

NO ONE would get locked in a cage with chuck Norris. Phone Post 3.0

Keep in mind  that JCVD beat Tong Po!