Chuck on Adam Corolla today

The Iceman was on Free FM with Adam Corolla this morning, Wednesday. Adam's been an MMA fan for a while now, and even the lovely Teresa shows interest and knowledge of MMA.

Chuck has the record for the hardest punch using the studio's punch-o-meter. Adam got the focus mitts (u know he used to be a boxing trainer) and did some training with the Iceman and Danny Bonaduce.

Then Chuck proceeded to spar with Danny the "3rd Degree Blackbelt" as he had to mention this to Lidell. Here are some pics of the bloodbath:

There are more on:

Awesome!! Danny "the angry ginger" Bonaduce getting his ass handed to him by Chuck!

Chuck is looking lean and mean.

i fight in 16 oz gloves

-danny bonaduce to chuck liddel

I like that show, except for Bonaduce.


Anyone got clips of the show?

God, I wish Bonaduce had died. They replaced Dave Damashek (sp?) with the ONE person in the world with a more annoying voice. Bonaduce doesn't understand Adam's humor at all and tries way too hard to be a hokey radio douche.

douche is so bad they had to open a forum just for his haters to vent

listen here

yeah, Adam's pretty funny but Danny constantly talks smack about how tough he is, how he's a 3rd Degree Blackbelt, etc.

good show today, though.

Personally, I find Bonaduce pretty compelling. Admittedly, I've never heard how he works with Adam but the guy's a genuine lunatic. That's always good.

"Anyone got clips of the show? "

You can download the podcasts for free on iTunes.

"Why does Danny Bonadouchebag have ANYTHING even cose to resembling a career?"

According to Danny on the radio show, he goes on all those MSNBC shows because

1) He wants to advertise his radio show with Adam Carolla

2) They love him because he'll talk shit about anyone

teresa sure looks like a guy from behind

I HATE Danny Bonadouche

i liked damacheck and his penguin laugh.

i started biking to work last july instead of driving so i didnt listen to the show for months. then one morning i turn it on and its uckin bonadouche bag.


Chuck better not swing like that against Rampage bc he'll catch a huge right and get KTFO..

did you guys hear he was in rehab?

blows brains out

He's DANNY PARTRIDGE , motherf*%&ker. He got more pussy by the age of 13 than you did all thru college, and he did it with cheesy wavy red hair and freckles. He hung with DAVID CASSIDY and was comped entrance at more trendy nightspots than you ever will!